We are an innovative multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy with a commitment to creating and delivering quality advice, documentation and project outcomes.

Aquatic engineering design associated with structural design of concrete pool shells, or structural forms to support modular pool systems, plantroom designs, layouts and treatments to maintain performance, hydraulics design in relation to pool filtration systems and sanitisation solutions/options. Documentation to worlds best practice and competition standards with OH&S considerations and operational schematics for tendering purposes.

Structural engineering design associated with substructure and footings, multi storey structures of varying forms, efficient long span structures over sports halls and aquatic/leisure facilities utilising steel portals, steel trusses, timber glulam and trussed structures, experience in concrete and steel frame design utilising various techniques such as flat slabs, band beams, composite structures to name a few. Basement structural design solutions including contiguous piled walls, sheet piled walls, concrete basement walls.

Civil engineering design associated with at ground stormwater solutions, OSD systems, pavement design surrounding building developments, including and not limited to hardstand and landscape solutions, retaining walls, carparks, drives, access roads and cross overs.

Skilled and experienced engineering professionals. Each project we deliver is executed by a skilled and experienced group of professionals who understand how to deliver flexible and sustainable outcomes.

Crackerjack expertise.

– Major Sporting & Aquatic Precincts & Facilities.
– Swimming Facilities – Commercial and Competition.
– Water Parks.
– Mixed-Use Sports Centres.
– Education Facilities.
– Retail Facilities.
– Hospital Developments.
– Multi Rise Commercial Developments.
– Commercial Warehouses.
– Community Centres.

We are committed to sustainable design strategies and employ renewable energy technology within our aquatic design strategies.

Partnering on projects worldwide.

Crackerjack has successfully designed and engineered projects worldwide and has worked with development partners to create many memorable designs and outcomes.

Practical solutions to integrate with mixed use facilities.

Our knowledge of commercial developments enables Crackerjack Consulting Engineers to offer practical solutions to integrate within mixed use facilities. We work closely with government organisations, private developers and commercial organisations to ensure projects are completed to the highest possible standard in a cost-effective and time- efficient manner.

Sustainability at the core of our design practice.

One of Crackerjack’s specialist niche markets is working at the forefront of commercial sports and aquatic facilities, with extensive experience in providing innovative, safe and sustainable facilities, able to withstand constant use and future-proofed to cope with advances in technology, usage and enhancements in the local community. We can also provide audit investigations and reporting for new and refurbished facilities.

3D Modelling (BIM projects to LOD 300 or 400).

Crackerjack Consulting Engineers are at the forefront of technical advancements, 3D modelling input into the BIM process provides projects with a more seamless process of design coordination to prevent construction conflicts. Utilizing 3D modelling also allows for increased ease of constructability. We are proud to offer 3D modelling and clash detection as part of our design capability to our facility management with a BIM level to suit our development partners which undoubtedly assists their needs.